what underlies harmony

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What this world needs is a lot of compassion. It is needed in every aspect of our lives. we can see the sad consequences when it is lacking. It is the universal principle that heals when there is injury in the human psyche, and it is the force that unites when there is division. It is the protector of life. It is the warmth of our heart. Ultimately, it is the initial impulse for us t be awakened spiritually. Yet such impulse is not something created by us through effort. Rather it is intrinsic to who we are as human beings. We are born with it. The more awake we become, the more compassion will flow freely. Its quality is like water, gentle and soothing. At the same time, it has awesome power. It allows us to connect deeply to others, the point where the concept of separation loses all of its meaning.   ~Anam Thubten

the meaning of God and Beauty…….how do we write the history of our life?……how do we carry this through our lives with the depth of the heart? with a numinous light?

As we are urged by the Gita to live in harmony with the natural world, soil, we are also guided to live in harmony with ourselves, with soul. As we are at war with nature we are also at war with ourselves. Making peace with ourselves is a prerequisite for making peace with the earth. And making peace with ourselves means realizing our true nature and being who we are. When we realize, “I am a microcosm of the macrocosm,” then we touch the mind of god, free from narrow identities, liberated from sorrow and separation and free from fear and fragmentation.   ~Susan Murphy

deep and sacred cry

God redeems humanity, but nature needs to be redeemed by human alchemists, who are able to induce the process of transformation, which alone is capable of liberating the light imprisoned in physical creation.   ~Stephen Hoeller

2 thoughts on “what underlies harmony

  1. I wonder if we mistake transfiguration of the personality with that of the soul, or psyche. Do we really need to go through the layers of our personality to get at the truth, of can we take a bypass, and reveal the true self, without all the fuss … It seems a paradox, or a choice, some like the winding road, others like to soar …

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