mission of will

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If people find no room in their lives to pray or meditate, to reflect deeply on why they have been created and what they must do with their lives, and to listen with all of their being to the guidance of the universe, then those people are like birds who have to yet learned to fly. All the parts of the bird are present, but something is still missing. To be a whole person is to be alive in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way.  The capacity to see clearly with our inner eye what we could become, or what the people could become together, if we should undertake the necessary journey, is as essential to the growth of plants. This is because as human beings we develop and grow through our own decisions.We therefore must have some vision, some ideal or goal to look toward, or else we will have no way of knowing what we must do. It is also vitally important that our vision be a true one. For many people believe themselves to be far less than what they could be. And because they cannot see any other possibility for themselves than their present undeveloped conditions, they stop struggling, and thereby abandon their symbolic journey around the medicine wheel.  ~Phil Lane, Jr.

we really cannot see ourselves so clearly but we can have mercy on our clipped wings and the grounded reality of others…..may we be so gentle with dignity and poise born of strength…..

Spirituality is the art of transfiguration. We should not force ourselves to change by hammering our lives into any pre-determined shape. We do not need to operate according to the idea of a pre-determined program or plan for our lives. Rather, we need to practice a new art of attention to the inner rhythms of our days and lives. If you work with a different rhythm, you will come easily and naturally home to yourself. your soul knows the geography of your own destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you attend to yourself and seek to come into presence, you will find exactly the right rhythm for your life.   ~John O’Donohue

profound minutiae

I looked inwards
and the beauty of my
own emptiness
filled me until dawn.


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