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Eternity is here, always, waiting in the present moment. We must learn how to return to the reality of the present moment even in the most difficult times. Otherwise we become lost in the past that no longer exists or fantasies about the future which is yet to come. In the present moment and we learn to see clearly and kindly.  With the great power of mindfulness, we can become fully present to the unbearable beauty and the inevitable tragedy that makes up human life. We can honorably and fully experience this one and only life that we have been given, with all its ups and downs. In my own life,  I try to remember the words many of us have heard from the Ojibway Indians: “Sometimes I go about pitying myself when all the while I’m being carried by great winds across the sky.”

can we settle into a reverie that does not disclaim our less than heroic efforts? can we cultivate and then intercept conscious attention toward self-study?

Once a human being consciously chooses to commit his or her life to a journey of uncompromised spiritual transformation, a great unconscious war begins within- Gurdjiefff’s “battle between yes and no.” Consciously, we have perceived a deeper possibility for our lives; we have understood that our lives are essentially meaningless if we do not claim our birthright to become who we truly are and to live in accordance with that truth. Our commitment to the path implies an eventual, but definite, annihilation of the egoic mechanism within us that says, “I am separate. I am who I believe myself to be.”    ~Mariana Caplan

for all that we do not choose

The past is gone.
The future is not yet here.
You can be present for this moment.
What you do now will create your future.

For just as it is certain that each life will include suffering, it is also true that in every moment there is the possibility of transcending your difficulties to discover the heart’s eternal freedom that lies just beneath the surface. For, as the poet Pablo Neruda has written, “You can pick all the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring.”

~Jack Kornfield

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