empathetic art & heart

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The art I want to create requires that I tune into harmony, find it, in my own way of living. That life is based on acceptance. It is based on gratitude. A life capable of love. A quiet, accepting love. A life based on thought before action. I seem to be on a path with a thousand setbacks. I find the center of balance easily alone, in the woods. I slip right into it. It is more elusive in the world of humans.   ~Roderick MacIver

find places of intense color, of intense shadow and gray and muted silver and gold….remember the divine heart of cloud and moss and stone…….

The practice of witness is the state of being present to our images and to each other in compassion, without voicing judgment. Not voicing judgment is different from not having judgments. When the image of another calls forth judgment, I have a chance to become curious. Is it a valid bit of discernment, or is it due for some revisioning? Like intention, witness requires stillness. For intention, our stillness calls forth our inner truth: Who are we in this moment? What are our questions, our needs, our fears? In witness, our stillness makes space for answers to arise. Intention is our human call; witness brings the divine response. The medium of exchanges is the image.   ~Pat Allen

diving in

Witness and creativity go together according to our deepest spiritual traditions. Knowledge of itself produces neither creativity nor wisdom. Wisdom has to do with our relationship to the whole, to the cosmos, to nature, to both the feminine and the masculine powers of nature. Wisdom is finding the balance between head and heart, upper chakras and lower chakras, earth and sky, masculine and feminine, joy and sorrow, yin and yang, energy and rest, human and divine, cosmos and psyche. There is art everywhere in the universe; there is wisdom everywhere in the universe. One more reason for psyche and cosmos to come together again- to bring art and wisdom alive once more. As we grow in our appreciation of creation and the whole of it, which we call the cosmos (from the Greek word for “whole”), we grow in wisdom. And our art will grow in wisdom. That is the exalted promise fro a time like ours when so much wisdom is needed and so much new and exciting is being taught us from cosmology. A new cosmology can give birth to a new era of wisdom. that is the promise, the good news, of the times in which we live.    ~Matthew Fox

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