envisioned & entwined

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Whatever our initial vision of spiritual life, to be authentic, it must be fulfilled here and now, in the place where we live.   ~Jack Kornfield

no, this is not to say that change is easy….but rich and full and vibrant, yes…integral to a beautiful life…..we have so much more strength and visionary wholeness than we know……

The process of integration is two-fold. First comes the somewhat untidy process of gathering all the sparks of awareness and the stumbling attempts to change certain aspects of self in day to day life. What eventually follows is an effortless, natural integration that gradually occurs through the synchronicity of those initial sparks. What at first may seem like loose ends become integral fibers in the fabric of change.  ~Elissa Cobb

healing from the inside

Negative introspection damages the soul. It holds many people trapped for years and years, and ironically, it never allows them to change. It is wise to allow the soul to carry on its secret work in the night side of your life. You might not see anything stirring for a ling time. You might have only the slightest intimations of the secret growth that is happening within you, but these intimations are sufficient. We should be fulfilled an satisfied with them. You cannot dredge the depths of the soul with the meager light of self-analysis. The inner world never reveals itself cheaply. Perhaps analysis the wrong way to approach our inner dark. Life itself is the great sacrament through which we are wounded and healed. If we live everything, life will be faithful to us.   ~John O’Donohue


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