for the real you


When we pause, allow a gap, and breathe deeply, we can experience instant refreshment. Suddenly we slow down, look out, and there’s the world. It can feel like briefly standing in the eye of the tornado or the still point of a turning wheel. Our mood may be agitated or cheerful. What we see and hear may be chaos or it may be the ocean, the mountains,or birds flying across a clear blue sky. The approach here is radical. We are encouraged to get comfortable with, begin to relax with, lean in to, whatever the experience may be. We are encouraged to drop the storyline and simply pause, look out, and breathe. Simply be present for a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, a whole lifetime, with our own shifting energies and with the unpredictability of life as it unfolds, wholly partaking in all experiences just exactly as they are. What I’m advocating is that in that precious moment we start to make choices that lead to happiness and freedom rather than choices that lead to unnecessary suffering and the obscuration of our intelligence, our warmth, our capacity to remain open and present with the natural movement of life.  ~Pema Chodron

there is nothing quite like finding ease in the most simple moments… loosening our grip on tight life lines and forgetting ourselves for a brief time……this might be called joy……

If I’m ever down, if life ever lacks meaning for me, I take a long walk. I notice all the little things–microscopic flowers, insects, bark, spider webs, bird songs, water dripping, pine cones popping–I’ve done this ever since I was a child and it always opens me up to a wonderful feeling. I believe that if things don’t turn out the way I want, it’s because there’s a better way up ahead.    ~Unknown

in the middle

When we get lost we need only pause, look at what is true, relax our heart, and arrive again.   ~Tara Brach

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