the deep line of truth

1-IMG_6229 2

when we look within

and find ourselves within our abyss

habitually withdrawing from deepest recognitions

as we tell ourselves, and each other, stories and myths

yet as we dive, even further

propelled by both surrender and courage

juxtaposed into a synergy fueled by our very souls

there is nowhere to hide

from the intensity of our truths

as we recognize the deep hypnotic trances

by which we’ve allowed ourselves to be entrained

while we engage in relations, with each and all, entertained

unmasked and without shelter

we feel our abraded hearts and minds

from lifetimes of skirmishes within ourselves

always, we have the potential to transform

as we remember and return to states

of consciousness fueled by intent

as we embrace and create

in love, with magick

with magick

in love







~Jim Fry

we have these choices to walk through so many doors, to be rational, intuitive, loving, skeptical……what this means has more to do with who we are than with the actual choice in front of us…

inquiry for today~ who chooses what is forever and lasting in our lives?

find a mystic

Once I can recognize the divine image where I don’t want to see the divine image, then I have learned how to see. It’s really that simple. And here’s the rub: I’m not the one that is doing the seeing. It’s like there is another pair of eyes inside of me seeing through me, seeing with me, seeing in me. God can see God everywhere, and God in me can see God everywhere.   ~Richard Rohr


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