the kinder revisions


Wisdom teachings from all traditions point to Unconditional Love and Compassion as the most powerful medicine in the world. The Divine Mother mirrors to us that this treasure is found in our very own being. In practicing with Her, we enter vulnerability as a portal to a deeper power. We learn to see through our habits of division and projection and let Her guide us all the way into the unfathomable strength of the undivided heart.

~ Chameli Ardagh

and form and light and texture give value to an immeasurable grace….just look at the dawn for a moment and then wonder if it was really there…….

inquiry for today~ consider your moments defined by grace

slow groove

When we experience a sudden shift in worldview- after which it often seems nothing will ever be the same- this change can take a lifetime to grow into. Shedding old habits, recalibrating deeply worn grooves, even reconditioning your neurochemistry, may be required to catch up with your new expanded worldviews and reshuffled priorities. Like water wearing away stone, or the slow laying down of layers of sediment to form mountains, integrating transformative experiences into your core way of being often requires time, patience, and inner work.  ~Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten, Tina Amorok

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