love’s fierce presence


Within a human being is such a love, a passion and longing, an itch, a desire, that, even if he were to possess a hundred thousand worlds, he would still not find rest or peace. People try their hand at all sorts of trades and professions- they learn astronomy and medicine, and so forth- but they are not at peace because they haven’t found what they are seeking. The beloved is called dildram because the heart finds tranquility through the beloved so how can it find tranquility through anything else? All these pleasures and objects of search are like a ladder. Ladder rungs are not places to stay and abide, but rather are to pass through. The sooner one awakens and becomes aware and watchful, the shorter the road becomes and the less one’s life is wasted on these “ladder rungs.”


who is the beloved? who graces our hearts and calls us toward a higher potential?

inquiry for today~ reflect on an ideal that is better with a beloved…..

what is love?

Surrender to love is the hardest damn work I have ever done in my life. Put me working in prisons to teach murderers how to give good massages or give me women who haven’t slept without nightmares in ten years, but don’t ask me to be open and receive tender loving care of someone who is going to know all my dirty laundry and stick around anyway!

Why is it so hard? Well, I guess I’ve just been on the road so long I don’t know the difference between my feet and my boots and here comes someone to offer a foot rub and I gotta’ feel how tired my feet are and how long I’ve been wanting some good touch and lay down all those other times of disappointment and confusion and let this in without overwhelming myself or anyone else with grief and longing. I didn’t learn how to do this at home or school. Did you? It takes a combination of mercy and love we give ourselves.

~John Calvi


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