mother roots


At a deeper level, a family is an incredible intertwining of multiple streams of ancestry, memory, shadow, and light. Each home hosts the arrival of history and assists the departure of new destiny. The walls of the home contain immense happenings that occur gradually under the subtle veil of normality. Though each family is a set of new individuals, ancient relics and residues seep through from past generations. Except for our parents and grandparents, our ancestors have vanished. Yet ultimately and proximately, it is the ancestors who call us here. We belong to their lifeline. While they ground our unknown memory, our continuity bestows on them a certain oblique eternity. In our presence we entwine past and future.

~John O’Donohue

this day is full of deep roots…..mother roots…..I miss my mom today, and no matter if you have your mom or not, have challenges with your mom or not, feel the strange pull of familial roots or not, you are here…..from there…..

inquiry for today~ reflect on roots you grow from, roots you entrench for others…..


death is not
an exile.
go now beloved
to your homeland
and make peace.
tell my mother
the Spring in her
is proof we are
one seed
is a kingdom.
as my heart.

~Britt Posmer

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