sudden insight

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Stop and smell the roses. We’ve heard the phrase so many times it can be easy to lose sight of its profundity. Stop. Smell. See. Listen. Feel. Consciously inhabiting our senses is a pathway to the present moment, to feeling truly alive. Tuning in to our senses in nature invites presence and joy, whether we’re smelling the first full bouquets of apple and cherry blossoms in spring, seeing a crystalline carpet of dew on the lawn in the early morning, feeling the warm moisture of a tropical breeze as it softens our bodies and melts our hard edges, or hearing the dawn chorus of birdsong. Living with such a full awareness, we can be present to life’s gifts when they present themselves. As the French artist Henri Matisse has written: “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”  ~Mark Coleman

love to remember all the times the colors were brighter, the pause a little deeper, and the memories much less muddy….

inquiry for today~ what would it be like to simply stop for awhile?

for all that is forever

Wu Wei is not passively doing nothing, but rather knowing when to act and when not to act. The goal of Wu Wei is to achieve a state of spontaneous alignment with the Tao, and, as a result, obtain a perfect form of supple and invisible power.
Taoism recognizes that the universe works harmoniously in its own ways; as humans put forth their will against the world they interrupt the existing harmony. This is not to say that we ought not to exert our will to act. Rather it is knowing whether, when, and how to act in relation to natural processes.
Wu Wei has also been interpreted as the art of letting be, or creative quietude. This does not mean a laziness of action or a dullness of the mind; rather it is an alert and effortless determination to obey the rules of the Way.
~Qiguang Zhao

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