creative discernment


Life will not be neatly
wrapped and tied, boxed
or pigeon-holed. Just when
we think all the fruit is in
the bowl and we can name
it piece by piece, the still
life is upended. Plums and
peaches roll to the far corners
of the room. Now it’s the
empty bowl that beckons.
Can we have faith and wait?
Can we allow the mystery of
choice or chance or circumstance
to give birth to fullness once
again? Can we trust the fruit
will be ripe for picking when
it’s time to break the fast?

~Danna Faulds

we are often scared and timid toward what feeds us………

inquiry for today~ what seems to slip away when you get so close? can you be curious about that?

let the beauty seep in


To me, the only true prayer is that which comes out of gratitude, not addressed to any god, not addressed to get anything, but addressed to the whole of existence for all that it has already given to you. It is so much. You suddenly see that you don’t deserve all this. You have never earned anything of it: all this beauty, all these blessings, all this ecstasy. You cannot conceive that it is your earning. It is simply a gift from the beyond. You can only bow down to- not to anybody in particular, just to the whole that surrounds you.  ~Osho

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