tender unfurling

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We do pray for all and every daily.

And often leave ourselves out.

We are the Warrior Prayers,
and pray for ourselves?


Praying for oneself is easy to forget
the way pulling drowners out of the water
often makes the lifeguards set aside
the perils to themselves in order to
support precious life.

This is understandable in those so called.


I offer again this prayer to be prayed
at sunrise, or at end of day, either in preparation
for suiting up to run into any sea filled with
the struggling souls, or else having just come
back from the sea, salt spangled
and ready to take well deserved rest.

Asking The Angel Born With and To Us,
To Signal Us That They are Present:
Signalling Our Guardian Angels
That We are Awake
to the Protective Angelic Realm
and in gratitude.


Angel, Angel mine
please walk with me in time…
your time
my time
our time
time beyond time
Angel, Angel mine.

Stop me
and show me,
row me
and grow me
with your special grace.

Tap me,
Lift me
and gift me,
and shift me
away from
what is worst
and toward
what is best.

Angel, Angel mine
please walk with me in time…
your time
my time
our time
time beyond time
Angel, Angel mine.

May we all rest and every cell be renewed, may we bless ourselves daily and ask for angel guidance before we ever step into our day,

and may we we again bless ourselves and our angels as night falls and we are readying to again keep lit the candle that banishes the darkness, that is our attitude toward life that takes into account Greater plan.

How does one bless an angel? By acknowledging them. Angels thrive in heartful joy, as do we human be-lings, by being ‘seen’.

This comes with love for you and your beautiful angels. They come in many forms, sizes and shapes: Seek and thou shalt find… in the ways that make sense, soul sense, to you.

~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

when the mystery descends into our bones, they become lighter, ready to fly….

inquiry for today~ reflect on ‘being seen’…..how to open to the vulnerability and wonder?

the sound of wings

This world, after all our science- is still a miracle; wonderful, inscrutable, magical and more.   ~Thomas Carlyle

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