wishes come & gone


Discovering with unlimited empathy the ways people are human, we become the person we would hope to be. If we could live from a deep place of recognition, we might allow ourselves the beauty of our eccentricity and tolerate in others their efforts to find their souls in the odd collection of emotions, fantasies, and behaviors that form the raw material of a human life.   ~Thomas Moore

there was such a time in our history that we forgot that we had choices…..

inquiry for today~ shedding layers is like walking on water or sinking like stone….yes or no or…….

we are golden light

Transpersonal psychotherapy is a process of awakening from a lesser to a greater identity. According to A Course in Miracles, “What you think you are is a belief to be undone.” In the perennial philosophy, self-identity and sense of the world in the spectrum of identity are viewed as arising from our thoughts and beliefs. In transpersonal therapy, healing involves the realization of a greater identity that comes to light when we relinquish our unquestioned conceptions of self and world. With each transcendence of who we thought we were, we come closer to who we are, until ultimately, paradoxically, we come home to the Self we never left.   ~Bryan Wittine


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