while we are sleeping


There is a profound insight that can occur the moment there is a break in the continuation of self-grasping. This insight is the direct seeing of the truth, the way things are, the great emptiness. We sometimes develop a belief i Buddhist notions like emptiness, transcendent reality, or a belief in the oneness of all things. To believe in the oneness of all things is perhaps the best belief we can have, if we are looking for a belief. But belief itself is still conceptual knowledge, and with that one is still bound to the egoic mind. There is a glimpse of the oneness that can unfold right now. This has to do with the fact that oneness is always here, and freely available. It is the source from which all things arise, and the home into which all things dissolve. It is intrinsically holy in itself, not in a dualistic sense, not holy versus unholy, but holy because it is perfect as it is.   ~Anam Thubten

we may never feel we have reached the pinnacle of our ability toward equanimity and surrender, but maybe our full heart and presence is really the deeper way into this profound unknown…..

inquiry for today~  reflect on the power of your vulnerability…

hunger of the heart

When we come face-to-face with the fear and pain in our psyche, we stand at the gateway to tremendous renewal and freedom. Our deepest nature is awareness, and when we fully inhabit that, we love freely and are whole. This is the power of Radical Acceptance. When we stop fighting the energy that has been bound in fear, it naturally releases into the boundless sea of awareness. The more we awaken from the grip of fear, the more radiant and free becomes our heart. We let go of deeper and subtler layers of resistance until there is nothing left to resist at all, there is only awake and open awareness. Radical Acceptance of fear carries us to this source of all freedom, to the ultimate refuge that is our true home.   ~Tara Brach

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