within the deep well


I stopped
and looked
into the sun,

seeing not only
my reflected face
but the great sky
that framed
my lonely figure

and after a moment
I lifted my hands
and then my eyes
and I
allowed myself
to be

by the great
calling to me
like an
and unspoken
like something
in one moment
both calling to me
and radiating
from where I stood,

as if I could
I had been given
and everything
taken from me

as if I could be
I have learned
and everything
I could know,

as if I knew
in that moment
both the way
I had come
and, secretly,

the way
I was still
promised to go,

brought together,
like this,
with the
unyielding ground
and the symmetry
of the moving sky,
caught in still waters.

I have been,
and someone
I am just,
about to become,

something I am
and will be forever,
the sheer generosity
of being loved
through loving:
the miracle reflection
of a twice blessed life.

~David Whyte

the knowing of ourselves brings us to edges and wells again and again….


inquiry for today~  reflect on the inward journey…..the one that calls us to stay in our seat, traveling deep……

What is life really about?
I used to go on journeys to find out
Pilgrimages to places free from artificial constraints
Free from self-imposed limitations.

We go on pilgrimages to the edges of our lives
To see what life is like on the other side.
I used to go on pilgrimages to live with Indians
They accepted me, but reluctantly
I was not of their world.

The circles of my journeys are smaller now
I paddle the sacred river
To submerge myself in that watery world
To make it more real in my life
To touch what is sacred inside
And then return transformed,
With birdsong in my heart.

~Rod MacIver

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