where the ground meets the green

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What is simple awakening? What is this all about? I have found that the establishment of deep, supporting inner silence in my daily awareness is incredibly transformational without being “out there.” Because of that, I call it simple awakening. The immense grounding and expansion that come with deep silence are amazingly useful. Manifesting silence in your awareness changes everything. All the qualities and characteristics of spirit come rushing into your life: compassion, positivity, right action, curiosity, inclusiveness, broad insight, courage, peace, wisdom, openness, and so on. These all tumble into and dominate your life, while the negatives in life mostly drop away. Life just starts to work amazingly well.   ~Michael Linenberger

when we lessen the grip and reach for nourishment instead, we may find treasures……

inquiry for today~  have you found joy? really sweet, kind joy……..

purpose & hope

Be present. Awareness is the springboard from which we can appreciate the world around us. Set reminders in your phone throughout the  day to pause and check in with yourself. By stepping into a space of curiosity you will discover an increased ability to notice happiness in everyday life. Harness difficulty. As long as you’re alive, challenges will find you. Sometimes you probably even create challenges for yourself- we all do. Instead of getting down on yourself, try thinking of difficult moments as opportunities to ask yourself: how can I be kinder to myself right now? Get connected. Connection is more than an experience- it’s also a skill that we can strengthen with small gestures. Try smiling at a stranger, tell a friend you appreciate them, or tell a loved one how much they mean to you. Create connection in the small moments of life.  ~Stefanie ad Elisha Goldsteing

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