can you be here for the long haul?


Know this, prayer is the foundation of the better heart, the calm bright heart. Foundation will hold the upper structures about what to, how to, when to act.

I follow several giants I’ve known in my lifetime about standing up, joining in, carrying the vision.

I would offer this to you at this time: It is time to be Vasalisa at the house of the Baba Yaga. To sort the rich poppy seeds from the dirt. To know which is which, and how to serve, sort and to plant… and to harvest. Differentiation makes the difference between merely polishing ego vs making helpful progresses that matter.

Let us see. Together.

In the interim, I send the strongest abrazo fuerte, the strongest embrace from my spirit to your spirit. In the meantime: pluck out the nourishing seeds… soon will be time to plant in chosen soil.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

it is easy to succumb to fear…..maybe leaning into it may allow for real change, deep healing, and a new kind of understanding…..

inquiry for today~  where shall we place our fears, our deep sense of responsibility, and our helplessness?

The future is programmed in the present. If we enter the present carrying thoughts of the past, we program the future to be just like it. But when we enter the present without the past, we free the future to be different. Miracles occur in the present, interrupting the sequence of linear time. Forgiveness is what happens when we choose to see someone not as they were before this moment, but as who they are right now. Free of our focus on what happened in the past, we were a relationship to being again. I give you a break, increasing the probability that you’ll give me one too.

Only when we release someone from our condemnation of what they did do we free ourselves from the effects of what they did. By giving the gift of forgiveness, we receive the gift of forgiveness. It is not an act of sacrifice, but an act of self-interest. By consciously focusing on the spiritual innocence that is the truth of someone’s being right NOW, in this moment, I re-mind them of their innocence and thus remind myself of mine. In that one miraculous instant, the veil of illusion is removed and an entire universe of otherwise unmanifest possibilities can flow forth.

~Marianne Williamson

2 thoughts on “can you be here for the long haul?

  1. “Only when we release someone from our condemnation of that they did, do we free ourselves from the effects of what they did.” Powerful words and timely for me. Thanks once again for the gifts you share.

    • forgiveness may be one of the most difficult concepts to fully embrace……to sit quietly and honor ourselves may be the best path……love to you Eileen…..

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