regalia of a life


No matter the self-conceited importance of our labours we are all compost for worlds we cannot yet imagine. Ambition might take us toward that horizon, but not over it – that line will always recede before our controlling hands. But a calling is a conversation between our physical bodies, our work, our intellects and our imaginations, and a new world that is itself the territory we seek.

A true vocation always includes the specific, heart-rending way we will fail at our attempt to live our lives fully. The humility earned through failure means we look for both visible and invisible help, that we cannot be complete without meeting and being helped by someone or something other than our selves and as its final gift, metamorphoses both ambition and failure into a generous compassion and understanding for others.

~David Whyte

when did we forget to choose based on intuition, magic, and trust?

inquiry for today~  make a conscious choice to choose something that brings you fully into your flow for a moment or two today….then choose it again another day….compare…..

At some point we will come to the end of a path and no longer know our way. Hard as this is, this is where the inner journey begins, when all we’ve carried has served its purpose and now we must burn our expectations to light our way. this is when we assume our full stature in order to see what’s ahead. This is when the soul shows itself, if we pay attention. But sometimes it’s the gift of limitations that frees us to find our own dream. There’s nothing wrong with mastering any skill or accomplishing any task, as long as that mastery or accomplishment is born of our love, as long as we can remember it is we who are being created and shaped by our immense effort. What we often perceive as failure is an unexpected opening in our lives. Nothing is wasted. Sometimes the map we work so hard to chart and follow needs to be burned in order for us to live our own life.  ~Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “regalia of a life

  1. Like the challenge and will try to respond. Love the part “we must burn our expectations to light the way.”

    Like the idea of there’s nothing wrong with mastery or accomplishment as long as it’s born of love and we remember it is we who are being created by our efforts.

    Wonderful post……hit me between the eyes……shall reflect seriously on this one.

    • it’s amazing to contemplate the idea of “letting go”….to surrender into a new kind of trust…….to be with heart without the necessity of definition…..

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