remnants of sorrow


It is neither the death of God nor the idea of existence itself as the sole source of meaning that has created the feelings of isolation, loneliness, meaninglessness that are so much a part of the 20th century. This abandonment has a much longer history. And the loss is more primary. The very knowledge at the heart of being, has been sacrificed. No one escapes this affliction. In a culture that has banished experience to a world of meaninglessness, the loss is general and touches everyone. But what is also equally distributed among us all is another sense of power that is folded within being. and this power is not lonely. One day, taking a pause from this writing, I step out of my back door. I am tired, my thoughts unfocused. I stand dazed for a few seconds. Then I look toward a corner of the garden where the afternoon light has an extraordinary clarity. It is late October, the northern California colors are browning, and everywhere, scattered among the evergreens, are russets, yellows, burnished by this light. The air is newly cold. All this cuts into me with an intense force. For several moments I am transfixed. And I am not the same. I have been entered, ignited by this light, changed by this place.   ~Susan Griffin

can we remember all that we have lost? have we mourned and celebrated equally?

inquiry for today~  how can you offer a ritual of honoring (for something at a crossroads in your life)?

what we choose

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.
~Henry David Thoreau

2 thoughts on “remnants of sorrow

  1. “a ritual of honoring something in my life….” I am at a crossroads. And as I struggle to let go and move on….letting the past hold onto me brings resentment…….need to stop looking back so I can let go without blame for me or anyone. I shall reflect on a suitable ritual. Thanks for the idea.

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