a deeper capacity

1-Pics for Blog Edits391

The layered bloom of hills and streams
kingfisher shades beneath rose-colored clouds
mountain mist soaks my cotton bandana
dew penetrates my palm-bark coat
on my feet are traveling shoes
my hand holds an old vine staff
again I gaze beyond the dusty world
what more could I want in that land of dreams

~Han Shan

all the lovingkindness we dream of remains mysterious and illusive…..

inquiry for today~  reflect on the openings that allow us to see deeply, to give unconditionally, to sit quietly…..

willing to unfold

When in daily living we learn to return again and again to where we are in body, emotion, and mind, we are learning to hold our language and views lightly, to see that they are ever-evolving currents of being, that they are not only ours but belong to everyone else as well.
~Norman Fischer


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