for what is lost


Religion. From the Latin religio, to bind together again. The same linguistic root as ligament. We have throughout the ages sought connection with higher powers in the sky or beneath the earth, or with ancestors living in some other realm. We have also sought, and found, religious fellowship with one another. And now we realize that we are connected to all creatures. We share a common ancestor.We share genes for receptors and cell and cycles. We share evolutionary constraints and possibilities. We are connected all the way down. I walk through the woods and the organisms are everywhere, seen and unseen, flying about or pushing through the soil or rummaging under the leaves, adapting and reproducing. I open my senses to them and we connect. I see them as they are. Blessed be the tie that binds. It anchors us. We are embedded in the great evolutionary story of planet Earth, the spare, elegant process of mutation and selection and bricolage. And this means that we are anything but alone.    ~Ursula Goodenough

ever notice how the darkness always come? ever notice every minute in a day? the subtle movement from day to night?

inquiry for today~  what reminds of the sacred in the day or night? how do you find it?

modern-day honor

Remember, remember the circle of the sky

the stars and the brown eagle

the supernatural winds

breathing night and day

from the four directions.

Remember, remember the sacredness of things

running streams and dwellings

the young within the nest

a hearth for sacred fire

the holy flame of fire.

~Prayer of the Pawnee

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