crystalline lining of the heart


Sometimes we feel as though we are drowning in the ocean of suffering, carrying the burden of all social injustice of all times. The Buddha said, “When a wise person suffers, she asks herself, ‘What can I do to be free from this suffering? Who can help me? What have I done to free myself from this suffering?’ But when a foolish person suffers, she asks, herself, ‘Who has wronged me? How can I show others that I am the victim of wrongdoing?'” Why is it that others who have been exposed to the same conditions do not seem to suffer as much as we do? you might like to write down the first set of questions and read them every time you are caught in your suffering. Of course, you have the right to suffer, but as a practitioner, you do not have the right not to practice. We all need to be understood and loved, but the practice is not merely to expect understanding and love. It is to practice understanding and love.  ~Thich Nhat Hanh

this tenderness of heart and to open, yes to open again and again…..

inquiry for today~  do you remember the darkest times in relation to the light? and how did you open?

to heal in the dark

Yes, there are times when being present feels out of reach or too much to bear. There are times when false refuges can relieve stress, give us a breather, help lift our mood. But when we’re not connected to the clarity and kindness of presence, we’re all too likely to fall into more misunderstanding, more conflict, and more distance from others and our own heart.  ~Tara Brach

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