how we live


We’re naturally curious. Watch any child play and you’ll see that’s true. You can embody curiosity by approaching the people you meet with authentic awareness. Relax your body and roll back your shoulders. Take a risk: Ask a question. Engage your sense of wonder and you may be surprised that your anxiety about meeting people has taken a backseat to your curiosity about who you’re talking to. Notice the people who are making themselves available to you. That doesn’t mean you should settle for spending time with you don’t find interesting. But don’t spend your energy seeking out connections with people who aren’t available. Most likely their distance has nothing to do with you. Our bodies react more strongly to negative stimuli than to positive, so we’re predisposed to focus on those relationships. And yet when we feel rejected, we can blind ourselves to all the love that does exist in our lives. Keep all this in mind and continue to mindfully choose love and connection over fear and rejection.   ~Zoe Gerlach

how did this connection to risk and wonder fall flat when the heart gets heavy?

inquiry for today~  why? what do you recover when you remember?

what we reflect

I live my life with a full consciousness of others, including nature, rather than coming from a “me first” point of view. Of course, this attitude is part of everything I do: my work, the way I live, the way I relate to people. I’d say my work is a calling. I can’t not do it.   ~a peace activist

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