ask the cows how to love

1-DSC00363 2

 We cannot grasp Mystery. But we can understand it by giving over completely to it, as we might to an extraordinary piece of music. We are transformed within that experience.

In dying into Mystery we look into the vastness of the absolute, the unnamable, the very source of all creation and it feels utterly safe. Whenever there is an absence of fear there is a presence of love. The vastness of this field is not solely love but love is woven into the fabric of this endless, inexhaustible Mystery.    ~Frank Ostaseki

you may forget now and again how to know deep peace, how to find relief from suffering, how to offer kindness….

inquiry for today~  reflect on what makes you smile and laugh and then connect them to your most exquisite and real truths……surely this is how you were meant to live…

and so there we were

If Light Is In Your Heart, You Will Find Your Way Home.


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