and then we offered simple wildflowers


If we know how to touch our non-discriminating mind, our happiness and the happiness of others will increase manifold. We all have the capacity of living with non-discriminating wisdom, but we have to train ourselves to see in that way, to see that the flower is us, the mountain is us, our parents and our children are all us. When we see that everyone and everything belongs to the same stream of life, our suffering will vanish. Non-self is not a doctrine or a philosophy. It is an insight that can help us live life more deeply, suffer less, and enjoy life much more. We need to live the insight of non-self.  ~Thich Nat Hanh

notice experience and growth and breakthroughs….are they enough? maybe there’s more in the not receiving too….

inquiry for today~  re-create a less than exciting moment….one you can be with again and again as ordinary and beautiful and exquisite in its ability to connect you to your life……

a sudden shift

As you bring your transformative practice more and more into your life, you become an actor rather that a reactor. You become able to use conscious intention to propel yourself forward. Life is yours to give meaning to- you choose the story you want to tell. Transformation, then, not only shifts how you view the world, but also how you relate to the world. In every situation, ask yourself, “Am I being an actor or a victim? Am I valuing or devaluing? Am I focused on me or on us?” As humans, we are meaning-making creatures. We can create any meaning we want. Why not create a life-enhancing set of possibilities, rather than an endless refrain of victimization and suffering?    ~Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

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