ripe for living well


Soul work is not a high road.

It’s a deep fall into an unforgiving darkness

that won’t let you go

until you find the song

that sings you home.

~McCall Erickson

while we are still alive, it may be a good idea to live wild like warriors, love deep like mamas, and give intensely with the capacity of your own whole heart….

inquiry for today~  reflect on those untethered moments that feel exactly right, bring you to center and call you to act from your highest good……


Travelers on the way, we find ourselves, too often, too soon, tangled in a net of dualities- speech- silence, body- spirit, desire- detachment, freedom- constraint, Self- No-Self, I- You; and trapped inside the limits of our knowing, taking our part for the whole. The work is to cut through the net, spring the trap, clear away all obstacles in our path. Here’s the trouble: seeing with cataract-veiled eyes what hinders us.  ~Mary Lane Potter

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