the steep climb


My heart is not in chains and that is the main point,

When my heart is open, I am in union.

Surely I have many difficulties,

But even if my feet are in chains my heart is free.

Dive into the ocean hidden in your chest,

and discover a new hidden world in yourself.

Don’t look at yourself with the eye of the intellect,

Don’t think that you only exist in both worlds.

If you kindle your heart with His love,

You will never burn in hell’s fire.

~a madman

the beginning comes upon us again and again….in the midst of all that is unresolved….this paradox allows us to let go and be real….

inquiry for today~  find the path that brings you through spirals and circles and back again….

practice & identity

To give up intellect and rationality in Sufism means to practice love first and foremost. Practicing love means to love indiscriminately. Love, unlike reason, is blind. It does not ask questions; it does not listen to pros and cons. The path of love is inclusive. It is not concerned with gender, sexual orientation, color or race. Nor is it concerned with self-preservation. The right instrument on the path of love is the heart. The heart, unlike the intellect, is an instrument of intuitive and direct knowledge of the divine. It consists of the entire being of a human being. It guides us through our struggles with the ego, the practice of loving and intimately the return to the Source.  It goes without saying that not every religious or spiritual practice can free us from the bond of the intellect and the ego. For this reason we need some degree of rationality to discern what is true and plausible. To use a metaphor borrowed from Wittgenstein, the power of our intellect and reasoning is like a ladder we should use to find the right spiritual path, but once we climb the ladder we will have to discard it.   ~Alireza Nurbakshh

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