what is known


I wish to shed the skin

of understanding and

loosen the thread of

thoughts strung tightly

one by one like beads

on a choke collar.

I want the wild animal

of me to run free, the

passionate imagining

that needs no meaning.

I want to spin my fierce

wisdom into myth, a gossamer web thin

enough to blow away

in just a hint of wind,

leaving my heart open

again for the next

moment of knowing.

~Danna Faulds

there was this tiny moment of little breaths that soaked up the poetry of this day’s dreams….then the light shifted…..

inquiry for today~  a simple reminder that we are at the mercy of what we notice or not……..

how did you know?

If we are suffering, it is because we are believing something that is not true and caught in emotional reactivity. A key tool in meditation is investigation – actively inquiring into what is happening inside us. When we investigate with sincere interest and care, the light of our attention untangles difficult emotions and nourishes intimate relationships. As this light turns toward awareness itself, it reveals the radiance and emptiness of our true nature.  ~Tara Brach

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