the kindling & the wood


It’s hard to remember that we are filled with light, and that we have choices. To emanate our light in the presence of others is a struggle that everyone faces, more than once. Unlike animals, we as humans can muffle our light and do so every time we let others block us from being who we are. We do this to ourselves each time we don’t ask for our turn: to come out from behind our masks, to speak our truth, and to honestly share our feelings.
Some people are so blocked from their light that they can’t bear the light of others nearby, as it painfully reminds them of the absence of their own connection to the Truth of the Universe. They become light-mufflers rather than light-seekers. In the face of all this, we’re asked to grow toward the light the way trees and plants do. Each branch grows toward whatever opening is available. Branches grow around each other and through each other. Some branches grow down before growing up. Some grow sideways, while some twist through the smallest openings. But together, all the branches form a majestic, unrepeatable latticework of trees. Growing toward the light is asking for our turn.

~Mark Nepo

from the first inklings of all that we lost, we begin to search endlessly…..forgetting where to look…..

inquiry for today~  how can you send the questions back into the mystery? back into the experience of wonder?

there’s no mystery inside out

No sentient being in this world is allowed to remain innocent forever. In order for us to thrive, our own instinctive nature drives us to face the fact that things are not as they first seem. The wild creative function pushes us to learn about the many states of being, perception, and knowing. These are the many conduits through which the Wild Woman speaks to us. There, sometimes for the first time in our lives, we have a chance to cease walking into walls of our own making and learn to pass through them instead.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes


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