the cage & the flight


A reverence for life is a reverence for wildness. A reverence for life beyond your control. Something you don’t dominate. That is the native habitat of new ideas. Of real humanity — to expose yourself to things beyond your control. And just ride out the consequences. That is what I seek and want to protect. Elements that are beyond our control.  ~Doug Peacock

you and your dreams are cast aside when wings spread wide………so wild, so much bigger than any possible dream…..

inquiry for today~  where is the most ungrounded and curious and wide-open spaces in your life? and where are the stuck and locked spaces?

and then I was free

Faith must ripen through uncertainty and doubt. It must open us to something larger than our concepts, for these arise from within the limits of the self. Faith must, in the end, leave room for mystery.  ~Andrew Cooper

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