you cannot help but to notice


Mindfulness of emotions is powerful. This is the practice of focusing compassionate awareness on how we feel below the level of thought. Feelings profoundly influence how we see the world and how we act. In each moment we receive the fruit of our past emotional seeds in the form of experience. If we are aware of that fruit, its power will be exhausted in the light of mindfulness, and if we are aware in a compassionate, focused way, we plant seeds of compassionate focused awareness that lets things go and lets things be. We cultivate the ability to be here in our lives in a way that is available to whatever arises. We dissolve the emotional habits that drive the world’s suffering. Mindfulness of emotion goes straight to the root of that suffering. To practice mindfulness of emotion, it’s good to start with the awareness centered in the breath in the body. Emotion dwells nowhere, just outside of reach- but not outside of perception. Feel it. Move toward it, draw loving awareness toward it, and seeds of the past will bear fruit and lose their power simply be being seen. This is not a practice about controlling or naming emotions; it’s about simply and compassionately feeling what’s here. Focusing mindfulness on emotions can plant many wonderful seeds: compassion, attention, concentration, and perhaps most important, courage- to face things we want to run from, to trust that we can be here with whatever happens, and to let go as we allow calm and joy to arise and pass away. We have an incredible opportunity in each moment to participate in the awesome power of the storehouse consciousness. We can offer something transformative to the world right now; compassionate awareness.  ~Ben Connelly

from the distant past, we can find new questions and old problems……but what we really can learn from is the moment of the day…..

inquiry for today~  how do we check out at the end of the day? at a moment when change is called for? when resistance to the uglies settles in?

how does it feel?

Belonging like a question, being open to what is possible through me and what is possible outside of my control. A belonging that is also an abandoning: a belonging be release. I abandon, and so I open humbly to what could be.  ~Leora Fridman

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