when the light brings change


-Sit in a comfortable place where you feel safe

-Inhale deeply and, for a moment, forget where you have come from

-Exhale deeply and, for a moment, forget hat awaits you when you leave

-Follow whatever light is near you and remember that not-knowing doesn’t always lead to fear

-Be thankful for the patch of light before you

-Breathe freely and try not to name or define what is before you

-Breathe slowly and practice not-knowing by receiving the many truths that exist at once, the way an inlet accepts water from any direction

-When you stand, leave your opinions in the light

-Enter your day with a commitment to deepen your trust in life

~Mark Nepo

there was this sudden shift and all seemed so clear….but then there were those muddier days too…..

inquiry for today~  sink into a sweeter meditation in this transition time…..sink down and sit awhile with whatever is changing, whatever is moving……

don’t let go

There are days,

and stretches of days that pull us away from who we were made to

be- away from believing in impossible things,

toward believing that things are impossible.

And sometimes it’s dark,

and sometimes we stray.

But wandering and lost are very different things.

And if we remember where to find the light,

absence will not know where to find us.

If we can see the stars,

we can recognize that they,

like snapshots of the past,

do not stop being beautiful,

even when they’re gone.

They prove that even the memory of light

shatters the night sky with brilliance.

Just as fireworks sparkle, like an echo of magic hanging in the air,

we do memories.

They linger. They flicker.

And they dance across our minds like filaments in the heavens.

The sun will always rise.

The stars will not forget how to glisten.

And the true light of this world, and the next,

will never stop glowing within those

who choose to invite it in.

So welcome to the reflection of radiance,

and of once again becoming

who you ere made to be.

~Elle Harris


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