trusting in being lost


Perhaps, most of all, at midlife, we long for meaning. We pose again the questions that are scattered throughout this book like seeds. The timeless questions of meaning and purpose become suddenly more immediate, less abstract. We feel that we must respond to them in our own way; we no longer need to answer them, but to live more consciously in relation to them. And in this way we discover the wisdom in poet Rilke’s suggestion that we live into our questions. What images lie buried in your longing backward? In what direction does your longing forward point?  ~Connie Zweig

sometimes it’s just best to forget the whys and the hows and the becauses……

inquiry for today~  what happens when you ‘forget’…..when you flow into a feeling of lostness, of vulnerability- the paradox of sweet peace? of true forgetting? of questions that don’t need answering today?

forget right vs. wrong

When we trust our creative energy, we encounter a supreme kind of enjoyment—an amazement at the natural unfolding of life beyond our ordinary way of looking at things. When we talk about creating art—or more importantly, the art of living a sane life—it means trusting our basic nature and its natural creativity.

~Dzigar Kongtrul

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