seek out waves of quiet


Silence has been the ultimate human response to enormity. A Munch Scream may be the initial response to tragedy, but silence is the awe for something too deep for words. The Romans called the inspiration for such otherworldly feeling ‘numen’ or numinous. The priests of ancient Greece called on their citizens to keep silence in the presence of tragedy or disaster. The awesome ceremony has survived ever since.  Philip Howard

how did we come to speak our truth through the heart? by listening deeply first……

inquiry for today~  it is never too late to embrace your true heart….to stop and start over… find the quiet that you have been longing for….

when resistance melts

In silence which is active, the Inner Light begins to glow- a tiny spark. For the flame to be kindled and to grow, subtle argument and the clamor of our emotions must be stilled. It is by an attention full of love that we enable the inner Light to blaze and illuminate our dwelling and to make our whole being a source from which this Light may shine out.   ~Pierre Lacout

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