where there is loss


The Buddha taught that we spend most of our life like children in a burning house, so entranced by our games that we don’t notice the flames, the crumbling walls, the collapsing foundation, the smoke all around us. The games are our false refuges, our unconscious attempts to trick and control life, to sidestep its inevitable pain. Yet this life is not only burning and falling apart. Zen poems and art revere a natural world that is also flowing, flowering, dancing, emanating, and bursting forth. Sorrow and joy are woven inextricably together. When we distract ourselves from the reality of  loss, we also distract ourselves from the beauty , creativity, and mystery of this ever-changing world. ~Tara Brach

I have been missing my mom lately…..and when you miss someone dear, do you acknowledge? do you know why?

inquiry for today~   reflect on your loss……..how do you make room for sadness? anger? denial? judgment?

don’t forget your touchstones

All you can depend on now is that

Sorrow will remain faithful to itself.

More than you, it knows its way

And will find the right time

To pull and pull the rope of grief

Until that coiled hill of tears

Has reduced to its last drop.

~John O’Donohue

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