how do you love well?


When we relate with another person in the dimension of spiritual oneness, we do not lose our essential identity. We experience that other people and ourselves are made of the same one essence without losing our own individual embodiment of essence. As fundamental consciousness, there is no separation between our own hand and the other person’s hand. But at the same time, we know our own being in our own hand and the other person’s being in the hand that we shake. The recognition of self and other is reflected in the clear, unified space of fundamental consciousness. This is the paradox of spiritual oneness: we are each whole within ourselves and unified with everything else at the same time.   ~Judith Blackstone

when the time comes to let go and send another on their way…….how do we trust? how do we send them away with love?

inquiry for today~  consider lingering for another moment when saying goodbye…..feeling the distance fade away, even as your loved one walks away…..

holding hands

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.

~Bryant McGill

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