no need to second guess


Tonight, in ceremony, I open my heart, my mind, my dreams to the guidance and blessings of the ancestors who love me. I honour their journey- the trials and tribulations they endured, their perseverance, their hard work, their loves and their losses.

Years ago I taught a blessing ceremony: We enter a state of deep contemplation, and ask the ancestors who love us- and the spirit of the Earth Herself- to come through our breath and, breathing into our hands held in front of us, we allow that presence to come through us and transform our hands into the hands of an ancient Grandmother or Grandfather.

And, when we feel our hands filled with their love for us, we place our hands on our heads, our faces, down onto our shoulders, letting the blessing of the ancestors flow into us, heal us, support us.

I can remember my mother’s mother, Nana, touching my face with such love that I believed in that moment that I was beautiful inside and out. On this night especially, I let her touch me again and remind me that I am loved.

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

hold out your heart as a gift fit for the Gods of your imagination…..don’t take it back…..ever……

inquiry for today~  remember that pure touch of love and count your offerings to be equal to their weight and breadth…..

so thrilled to have found you

In the world of Oneness,

there is nothing but yourself,

there is no room for counting.



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