this grit against bone


Eventually, we awaken as the soul-infused personality. What springs from us is a deeply authentic desire to serve, to help, to heal. A spontaneous outpouring of joy, compassion, and benevolence defines who we are. The need for approval disappears. Giving and loving occur without attachment, expectation, or the need to see results or receive recognition of any kind. Our soul “measures success” by how fully it infuses and expresses its being through the personality- by how constantly, deeply, and purely the soul emanates through us.   ~Susan Wiseheart

did you ever think you’d get it right? did you ever wonder how to sink into that okness you thought you had a grip on?

inquiry for today~   and then when all else fails, leave it behind……

healing with grit

Loving and accepting ourselves sets the stage for the challenge of loving and accepting others. Knowing our own limitations and problems enables us to have a more compassionate attitude toward others’ limitations and problems. Self-acceptance allows us to transcend our overarching concern with ourselves and enter into service of the greater Good.    ~Joseph Naft

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