finding a little heart space


Compassion may be defined as the capacity to be attentive to the experience of others, to wish the best for others, and to sense what will truly serve others. Ironically, in a time when we hear the phrase “compassion fatigue” with increasing frequency, compassion as we are defining does not lead to fatigue. In fact, it can actually become a wellspring of resilience as we allow our natural impulse to care for another to become a source of nourishment rather than depletion.

Practice Grace-

1. Gathering attention: focus, grounding, balance
2. Recalling intention: the resource of motivation
3. Attuning to self/other: affective resonance
4. Considering: what will serve
5. Engaging: ethical enactment, then ending

~Roshi Joan Halifax

may you sleep well, deep into the most peaceful well of your heart……may you offer your gifts of kindness even when that well has emptied….

inquiry for today~  go slowly for a little while….sip in the resolve of your heart once again…

when the ending is long and slow and sweet


Let no one keep you from your journey,

no rabbi or priest, no mother

who wants you to dig for treasures

she misplaced, no father

who won’t let one life be enough,

no lover who measures their worth

by what you might give up,

no voice that tells you in the night

it can’t be done.

Let nothing dissuade you

from seeing what you see

or feeling the winds that make you

want to dance alone

or go where no one

has yet to go.

You are the only explorer.

Your heart, the unreadable compass.

Your soul, the shore of a promise

too great to be ignored.

~Mark Nepo

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