when we feel the storm arise

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Much has been said about the eternal and untouchable nature of love, its tidal ungovernable forces and its emergence from beyond the ordinary, but love may find its fullest, most imagined and most courageous form when it leaves the abstractions and safety of the timeless, the eternal and the untouchable to make its promises amidst the fears, vulnerabilities, unwanted events and disappearances of our difficult, touchable and time bound world. To love and to witness love in the face of possible loss and to find the mystery of love’s promise in the shadow of that loss, in the shadow of the ordinary and in the shadow of our own inevitable disappearance may be where the eternal source of all of our origins stands in awe of the full consequences of everything it has set in motion.   ~David Whyte

when we have been torn apart, we see love with stark clarity…..

inquiry for today~   consider love as less than the all-encompassing panacea and more of the reality/gut check….a powerful force that rushes in and leaves no room for delusion….

how the storm washes us clean

It is necessary for you to experience non-being.

Love takes you toward that.


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