shadows & ruins


Something happens when you realize that if other people have suffered even a fraction as much as you, then they deserve all the compassion you could ever show them and all the effort you could ever make to help them ease their pain. Such suffering, in all of us, is the result of an excruciating breach between a life of love and life as we have made it. That breach is the cause of all suffering, and closing it is the end to all pain. The breach between ourselves and God, and between ourselves and each other, is the same breach. In closing one, we close the other. Learning how to do this is a spiritual journey. This journey is a path of self-actualization. In having the courage to face our suffering- to endure it, to learn from it, to process it, to transcend it- we often find keys to living our lives in the most powerful way.   ~Marianne Williamson

when we embrace our journey wholeheartedly we live wholeheartedly….and that means really embracing all of it….

inquiry for today~   what has deluded you today? what has shimmied away from you? what has yielded? what has hardened?

I lost my way again

Dear God,

Please make of my life

A beautiful thing.

Guide me on an illumined journey

From the darkness of the world

To the light that is You.

Make of me a conduit

Of good

That I might help transform the world.

Set my feet upon a hero’s journey

And my heart on an enlightened path.


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