how you shine on holy days


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.   ~Rachel Carson

we can release our hurt by allowing it….by sifting it through our expectant daydreams……how will you see it coming?

inquiry for today~ can you step away from the crash-and-burn hurriedness to the depth of this holy day? to how you want to really show up?

the brilliant night

Break your heart wide open. Passion isn’t just about feeling good. It’s about feeling everything that makes you human. Passion delights in the riotous display of textures, colors, emotions; good, bad, happy and sad. It’s sparked by the world around you. If you feel dull and gray, go outside. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel the cool, tingly air sweep across your skin. Look up at the sky. Listen to the silence. It’s always full of life. If you feel worn down by your daily routine, shake things p. Wake up at the break of dawn. Watch the sun rise. Cherish the precious, fleeting nature of life. Let your mind roam free. Daydream. Revel in childlike wonder. Passion is ageless. It pierces through your layers of time-toughened armor and renews your brilliant, vital heart. This is your journey, no one else’s. Be human. Let go. Be alive.   ~Mirabai Bush

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