new year….and now?


I’m heading into 2017 aspiring to look at life thru the eyes of a child. Buddhists call it “beginner’s mind”—a corrective to the cynicism that comes when we let hard realities darken our vision and diminish our imagination. It’s a way of looking at the world that doesn’t deny the darkness, but makes fresh starts possible in everything- from our personal to our political lives.

What’s “the growing edge” in your life? Whatever it is, may 2017 be a year in which our adult powers dance with our child-like imaginations to help make all things new. In that spirit, I once again wish you a Happy New Year!    ~Parker J. Palmer

happy new year in whatever beautiful way you express your desire to live into it….

inquiry for today~    a wish for you to take a moment to simply sit… struggle into quiet long enough to allow it to seep in and offer time for kind reflection……just a moment….

where will you be?

As we begin, so shall we continue. The great thing about life is that we get to begin again and again, with each dawn, with each breath. And as we rise from our beds tomorrow (whether at dawn or noon-ish) we get to begin again. So, what elements of the new day/new year do you want to make sure to include in this beginning we share? Me. . . I’m thinking of an early rising, prayers of gratitude and. . . . and then. . . well, then perhaps a little stillness to see what comes. Whatever the new year brings, may we remember we have some choices in how we start each day, each task, each breath. So long as we are here, we can always begin again. Blessed New Year dear FB friends. ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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