the flux of validity


Devotion is closely related to awe, where awe is a feeling of being intimately connected to something that is infinitely greater than you. When you feel awe, you become aware of the vertical dimension in life and devotion naturally arises. Devotion is an opening of your heart to the possibilities you seek- the possibilities of peace, freedom, or awakening.    ~Ken McLeod

the authenticity of our devotion depends on our honest appraisal of where we are at any given moment….not always exactly where we’d like to be….

inquiry for today~   how to be honest and fiercely real and whole?  may you trust in the day, in the illusory nature of self-care, and the endeavor to never presume…..

coming our way

Just you wait

one day in about 8,000 years

when the Truth is forgotten

he’ll come around

and make it all right.

Funny thing about the future,

it’s not about hope

which is what you want to happen

it’s not about worry

which is what you don’t

it’s what the sign in the dive bar

always says

“Free beer tomorrow.”

~ Larry Oakner

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