you have always known


Reading the sutras deep into the night,

I look up at the dark night sky,

Listen, all alone, to the cry

of the distant sea-

The 1,000 sutras, the 10,000 treatises,

all just waves blown in the wind.

~Cho Oh-Hyun

there is only one……and how much do we deny our interconnectedness?

inquiry for today~   what inspires freedom in a moment? who finds you there? who lifts you up?

where we passed each other by

The world is getting too small for bout an Us and a Them.

Us and Them have become codependent, intertwined,

fixed to one another. We have no separate

fates, but are bound together in one.

And our fear of one another s the only thing

capable of our undoing.

~Sam Killerman

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