imbibing your story


It is easy to forget to replenish the source of our vitality. It is easy to assume we should keep our nose to the grindstone, and when things get tougher, we should be tougher. We should move faster, work harder, push with more force into that which we are creating. But I believe the opposite is also important.

Sometimes a block is a signal that our well has gone dry. And that the subtle, soft work of the subconscious, however counterproductive it may feel to the Western mind, is mighty and deeply rewarding.

I’m inspired today by what supports me to soften into the deeper layers of my creativity. I’m asking myself, where does the source of the water originate, and what does it take to get back to the source?   ~Jocelyn Edelstein

how much of our lives is lived in resistance? and then the moments of flow reach in somehow….

inquiry for today~   when this day ends, reach back and find the nuggets of play….

making anything special

There is art everywhere in the universe; there is wisdom everywhere in the universe. One more reason for psyche and cosmos to come together again- to bring art and wisdom alive once more. As we grow in our appreciation of creation and the whole of it, which we call the cosmos, we grow in wisdom.  ~Matthew Fox

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