curl into moon


Full Moons bring a powerful energy into our lives.

The Full Moon offers to us illumination, clarity, focus and a time to celebrate and connect deeply with the feminine energies.

It offers a time of celebration and of focusing our energy in directions that serve us best as it lets us connect with the clarity of figuring out what is or isn’t working on our path.   ~C. Ara Campbell

like pearled silk. like you can reach out and scoop up a little light.

inquiry for today~   maybe a little pause outside would be just right to lift you into a moon glow…..

cradled and orbed

The name ‘Wolf Moon’ comes from Indigenous Tribes of North America, who gave names to each of the moons, in relation to their qualities connected to nature and the seasons. This particular moon was when the wolves would appear in the middle of winter, howling with hunger in villages.

Wolf Medicine, representing ‘Teacher’, great wisdom, wildness and inner freedom is beckoning our attention. Maybe you are already feeling it in your bones and are ready to dance and howl! This Wolf Moon reminds us of the importance to express our heart’s truth and our wildness, to live feeling free.

Connected with Cancer, this moon mirrors the importance of ‘Home’. The home that is our own body temple, our physical dwelling place and being at home on this planet. Caner moon reflects to us the importance of honouring the waters of our physical and emotional bodies and amplifies our deepest soul feelings.

This full moon can illuminate the shadows that need clearing / healing / transforming and with all planets being direct (slowly but surely gaining more momentum) there is much Grace and assistance present for shining into our fullest potential and making way for quantum leaps of awakening within.

Remember, that when we allow our surfacing emotions to be embraced, we open up for deep messages of wisdom to come through us. May we be gentle with ourselves and create some space to be in the supportive energy of this fascinating alchemy of ‘wild hibernation’.   ~Achintya

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