winter ruins

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Even in the ruins, some new life waits to be born. Fix the mast, or build a new ship. As you go through your difficulties, you can learn to bring loving care to everything you touch. You can learn a way to bring forth the the quality of tenderness and compassion in any circumstance and situation. You will find that love and care have an extraordinary capacity to transform the sorrows of your life into a great stream of compassion.    ~Jack Kornfield

compassion and stress are incompatible…..we become more in tune to our natural lovingkindness as we see ourselves in others….and this is made possible through our senses……we know so much more when we can tune in….

inquiry for today~  a few times today, without trying to stop stress, just stop trying at everything so hard….

relax into night

Most of us unknowingly go through life with a tight grip in our inner core. Grasping ideas of ourselves and the world- virtual models of reality- allows us to plan, which provides a sense of control, however illusory this control may be. We like to know who we are, how things work, and what others expect of us. In times of stress we may believe that we need to get a stronger grip on ourselves. In truth, we need to relax it. Our main stress comes from being too tightly wound. We need to be both alert and relaxed to gracefully navigate the road, as well as our life. Too much tension obscures our natural wisdom.  ~John Prendergast

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