from the vine


Late in the night I pay

the unrest I owe

to the life that has never lived

and cannot live now.

What the world could be

is my good dream

and my agony when, dreaming it,

I lie awake and turn

and look into the dark.

I think of a luxury

in the sturdiness and grace

of necessary things, not

in frivolity. That would heal

the earth, and heal men.

But the end, too, is part

of the pattern, the last

labor of the heart:

to learn to lie still,

one with the earth

again, and let the world go.

~Wendell Berry

when we grieve for world, for despair, for earth- we begin to weave them in and around our hearts, like a beautiful vine winding and holding and anchoring soul….

inquiry for today~   imagine the roots of your heart yielding to the cold winter earth- creating a warm fire for color and vibrancy and healing……


Many of our troubles come about because we do not bring out what we are and could become. Thus we condemn ourselves to an unfulfilled, frozen life. It is worth remembering that the creative impulse taps a deep source. We are reaching to our deepest roots, to an ancient need. To be creative is to be fully human.  ~Piero Ferrucci


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